Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cute Customized Cups

A little over a year ago I received the best Christmas present ever for the crafty side of me.  It was the Silhoeutte Cameo.  It's opened up an overwhelming number of crafting possibilities, many of which I've delved into and many are still in the noggin.  I used high quality vinyl transfers, cut out the designs on the Silhouette and transferred them carefully onto the drinking vessel.  It's a bit tricky and sometimes I get annoying little air bubbles in the transfer but overall I'm so delighted by the outcome that I try not to get caught up in the little imperfections (more interesting in the end, right?).

Soot Sprite from My Neighbor Totoro.  Totoro is one of our all time favorite movies and we adore every little critter in it.  (Gotta give my husband credit here.  The soot sprite was his idea to put on the back of his laptop and I shamelessly copied him!).

A is for Annabelle.  Found this cute monogrammed A cup at Michael's for a few dollars and decided that it needed a bunny on it.  Why?  We have a beloved, rescued house bunny named Thibault and we consequently love all things bunnies.  Annabelle is the bunny whisperer of the family and even made a cute little you tube channel dedicated to his bunny adventures.  See it here.

Lastly, I have a wonderful Niece who loves turtles the way Annabelle loves bunnies.  For Christmas I made her a fun Turtle Girl travel mug.

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